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About Me

Haley Klein

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Instructor

Nutrition Specialist


As an avid exerciser with a BA in Nutrition, a career in the fitness industry was a natural progression. I have certifications from NESTA in group exercise and personal training. I have been teaching Total Body Conditioning Camp for two years, and my top prioroty is safety. Every exercise can be modified to each participant's level. My greatest satisfaction as a trainer and class leader is watching people develop increased endurance, strength and energy which they never thought possible. I have happy clients with measurable results in  all of these areas.  

My training philosophy is simple, be efficient! Nobody has the time to spend hours and hours at the gym for cardio, toning, strength training and flexibility, so we combined all of the above into an hour workout that is extremely effective and fun. Our proven training style will boost your metabolism and burn calories even after the workout is finished. I will help you create healthy new habits to achieve a lifetime lifestyle change.


I have been married to my wonderful husband Lonnie, a Urologist for twenty four years, have two beautiful daughters, and three dogs.



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