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Learn About Your Workout

With Nu-Fit, you will benefit tremendously from our unique style of workout by combining cardio, strength training, toning, and flexibility.  You will burn 500-700 calories per workout, and continue to burn more calories than the treadmill, elliptical, or jogging.  Your self confidence will increase.  Each exercise is tailored to your fitness level with support and motivation from your friendly, upbeat coaches and others who are working for the same reason you are: TO GET RESULTS!  

Mobile Semi Private Personal Training
YOU choose location!

Do you want to get into shape but afraid to do it alone?  Need motivation?  Grab a friend or two (up to four!) and get a jump start on reaching your fitness goals NOW!!  Semi private traning at Nu-Fit allows you receive individualized attention, nutritional guidance and workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life! Whether you are a beginner or world class athlete, our workouts and nutritional plans are tailor made for YOU!!!!


Ask about discounts with purchase of mutltiple sessions



Total Body Conditioning Camp Training 

Shed fat, lose weight and tone muscle FAST with NuFit's motivating weight loss and fitness programs. Our systematically designed and scientifically proven 60-minute workouts have helped literally thousands of people of all ages and fitness levels create their fitness success stories. Now, it's time to create yours!  

Price: The More You Buy, the More You Save!

1 Class $15

3-5 Classes: $12 per class

6-10 Classes: $10 per class

11+ Classes $8 per class

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